Tickets to Amateur Night at the Apollo + Chicken and Waffles at Slyvia’s = P in V

Equation by: The Muse
Post by: Contributor #1

There are a few things everyone loves, and one of them is waffles. The other: penis in vagina. So, why not have both? This artful combination of spontaneous Amateur entertainment at Harlem’s most famous venue and two foods that nearly everybody loves is sure to help you on your way to putting that P in her V. Our adventure begins at The Apollo Theater Amateur Night, every Wednesday evening at 7:30, located right in the heart of famous Harlem USA. Conveniently accessed by New York City’s fine transit system via the A,B,C,D,2,3, Trains, a variety of buses that I don’t recommend taking, and the Metro North Rail service. Double points for bringing your fine young lady to a world famous venue, and showing her you’re man enough to keep her safe in big bad Harlem. (The creators of “= P in V” have never felt unsafe in this neighborhood, but she doesn’t need to know that). Tix are $15 – $30 and can be found on Ticketmaster.


After the serenade of soulful singing, its time to jet to Sylvia’s. Dubbed the ‘Queen of Soul Food’, Sylvia’s offers a menu that reaches far and wide. However from personal P in V experience, put down the menu and go straight for the Chicken and Waffles, it’s all you’ll need. Sylvia’s is a short 2 blocks from The Apollo. Just enough time for you to walk on the outside of her and tell her that she’s in the top 3 good looking girls on the street. Sylvia’s is open till 10:30 and Chicken + Waffles for two will run you about $20.

After her eyes, ears and stomach are all completely satisfied, its time for you to make yo move and find out that the $50 you spent on Amateur Night + Chicken and Waffles at Sylvia’s = P in V


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