Self-Help Group + Happy Hour at Barbossa + Wall of Mirrors = P in V

Equation by: Peaches
Post by: Contributor #1

Good friend of = P in V, Peaches, signed up for Landmark Education’s program to become a better person. One phone number and a happy hour date later he left with some NYC P in V.

The Self Help group Landmark Education’s tag line is, “Innovative programs for living an extraordinary life.” The creators of P in V advocate that this program will  help you be a better person, and is prime ground for getting women’s phone numbers with low self esteem.

Above Another great Arrested Development Moment

After your deepest fears have been shared at Landmark, you two have got a lot to talk about. Peaches chose to elaborate over happy hour drinks at Barbossa: a nice Brazilian Nolita café that serves soups, salads and sandwiches in candlelit, ceiling fan, linger-friendly atmosphere.

An impressive final destination can often make or break a successful P in V experience.  If you’ve got access to a relative’s ‘part-time’ nyc apartment that is baller compared to your 300 Sq. Foot studio in Williamsburg, use it. This P in V correspondent has limited access to an amazing uptown family apartment including a king size bed and full wall of mirrors. It is a scene that screams P in V, and after a delightful day of self-helping, and happy hour-ing, P in V is surely what you’ll get.


King Siz Bed +

King Size Bed +

Wall of Mirrors = P in V

Wall of Mirrors = P in V


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