AIM Flirting + Broken L Train = P in V

Equation by: What’s a Weekend?
Post by: Contributor # 1

Are you not a phone person? Did you hone your computer chat flirting skills in the late 90’s through early 00’s? Do you like P in V? This is why AIM was invented: as a tool for the less skilled vocal conservationist’s to set the stage for some solid, lets meet up later and see if you’re not too awkward in person, P in V.

With AIM you can’t bank on sarcasm, wit, or other vocal inflection to be received by your flirtatious counterpart. However, when the chemistry is right, this can be a blessing by making you seem more clever and funny than you really are.  So get that screen name, and use your plethora of youtube clips to show your great internet taste, while you multi task for 4 hours between AIM flirting, watching Team America on Comedy Central and Facebook stalking on a lonely Wednesday night.

Okay, you met a person once or twice, then you flirted for a bit on AIM, now you have to meet up again with all the great information you learned via the internet: its like you’ve already been on a first date with no emotional or monetary investment! Frequenters of the L train know that it… sucks. It’s crowded, and breaks a lot. But use this to your advantage with the buddy system. ALWAYS TAKE THE L TRAIN WITH A FRIEND, specifically one that you have a chance to get some P in V with. I’m not telling you to invite the girl or guy you’ve been tonguing with your macbook for the past week to 10 rides on the L train until it breaks down. Well actually, I am saying that. Once you’re stuck, you’ve got a range of great topics to elaborate on: the other pissed people on the L, that crazy guy who screams about Aliens taking him and George Bush to the moon, and how you picked up that cute hipster one time before getting off at Bedford. Two hours later, What’s A Weekend was literally saying, lets go to my place, its closer.  Thanks Broken L Train, you hooked it up for some P in V. 


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