48 Hours Sans Shower + Conspicuous Condom Buy = P in V

Equation by: MJF-Wolf
Post by: Contributor #1

This equation combines artistry, bodegas and balls.  And, yet again, we prove that against all odds, including a lack of personal hygiene and a complete disrespect for discreteness, you can still get some P in V.

For this equation you’ll need some good scent to cover that ‘haven’t showered in 2 days’ smell. Musk up, with Sex Panther

Whether it be music, art or business, one thing all women love is dedication to a craft. Our artist in question became so enveloped in printing for a show he had forthcoming that he was stuck in the lab and unable to shower for two days. After completing the printing process he needed a celebratory drink, and phoned a delightful P in V prospect to share the pleasure of some liquid deliciousness.  Despite his clear state of un-cleanliness, our submitter decided (even without clear evidence) that P in V was an option. He made a bold move and attempted to buy the correct contraceptive without his lady friend noticing.

If there were no condoms, everyone would have aids.

The good people at = P in V allways advocate safe P in V. In NYC its easy, P in V wrappers are available on every corner. All you need is a trusty Bodega. They’ve got everything you need, including that horny goat weed at the front counter. Our contributor gathered his balls and asked for some condoms, and the girl saw, clearly. It was obvious that his man musk overpowered the complete assumption that she wanted some P in V.

Sweet Grocery, Sweet P in V

Sweet Grocery, Sweet P in V

Summary: Learn how to be an artist, don’t shower, be a dick and buy condoms before you’re in, and then, you’ll be in: P in V style.


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