Parents in Town + Making Sure They Have Their Own Hotel Room = P in V

Equation by: Scoop! Scoop!
Post by: Contributor # 1

Okay, on the surface this may not seem like a good P in V opportunity. You have to deal with the embarrassment that may come along with Mom and Dad visiting: talking about those old bathtub photos, bickering about what you’re wearing, and asking why don’t you have a job. But for all the treachery that comes with family being in town, there are even more positives: Moms love that you might have a new ‘lady friend’, the rentals are going to take you to a nice dinner, (be the New Yorker and suggest some of the big time, guaranteed, P in V restaurants: Morimoto, Public, Park Ave Winter, and Daniel’s). Sit back, woo the parents and the woman you invited, while you take in great food and drinks on the house. The key is after dinner, the seniors head back to their own hotel (never offer your place), and you just got full and drunk for free. Now take that new lady friend home and put some P in V.


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