Obama Election Night + Tearing Up = P in V

Equation by Contributor #1
Post by Contributor#1

In honor of the President’s faux State of the Union last night, the good people at = P in V bring you our first politically inspired P in V experience. Okay, so specifically this equation might only help you in 2012 when our homeboy Barack is back up for re-election, but you certainly can utilize other inspiring Obama moments to hope your way into some future P in V in the next 4 years.

Barack = P in V

Barack = P in V

Keep your eyes peeled to CNN for upcoming Obama speeches: the state of the unions, his second election victory speech, second inaugural, my birthday, etc etc. and increase your odds by surrounding yourself with Obama lovers. Obama makes Obama lovers squirm… right into your P. This man is the face of hope, and change, and he will literally be your opening act. Then, let him do his thang: inspire, soften and elate the women around you. For added effect, let the emotions take over, tear up a bit (just a bit, one tear should do it) and let the ladies come to you. Now you share their feelings of hope, change, and the mutual decision that the world can be a better place by you two ‘connecting’ with some P in V in the name of Change!


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