Blizzard Conditions + Mobile Computing = P in V

Equation by: Scoop! Scoop!
Post by: The Muse

In honor of the first official NYC Snow Day in 5 years, we bring you a hot off the press P in V:

It used to be only kids got to enjoy snow days.  Fortunately with the advancement of technology, a snow day can now create a great chance for p in v.

These days employers can’t afford to have employees risk their lives trying to get to work in snow storms.  Instead of risking life and limb on the road, employers will allow their employees to work from their home computers.  This creates a great opportunity for a little afternoon delight:

For the everyday working man, afternoon delight during the week is a thing of the past.  Unless you are able to maximize your lunch break (if so please submit how) your only chance is the rare snow day combined with the cautious boss.

So keep an eye on the forecast, and have your special friend on speed dial for the next time a snow storm rolls through and allows you to work from home.  Remember as long you answer all your emails in a timely fashion, no one will suspect you spent the day with your P in someone’s V.


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