MySpace + Questionable Transvestite = P in V?

Equation by: Peaches
Post by: Contributor # 1

This equation is so wrong on so many levels, but it’s also funny and true. The title may be a bit revolting but hear Peaches out… he had to check, and it ended in some P in V, not P in male B.

The Myspace meet and greet is atrociously trashy, and in no way to the creators of P in V recommend using this tactic, but, then again, it does work. Okay so meet your average Myspace junkie (for the Lady followers of P in V check out this formidable bachelor).

So Hot Right Now: Thanks to Worst of MySpace for this one

So Hot Right Now: Thanks to Worst of MySpace for this one |P.S. This is not the lady from our story|

You know she’s weird with the amount of time she put into that repeating background with an obscene amount of flare. But she might also be easy, so take her for a drink at everyone’s favorite classy hole in the wall dance bar: Key Bar. Get really drunk, and call your best friend screaming, “Yo Dude, I’m making out with the hottest girl in this place, and everybody is staring.”… Kind of like Dave Navarro.

Fast forward to the next morning: You’ve got a clown face on your pillow because of all the make up that rubbed off her face. You remember vaguely that she didn’t let you get anywhere near that V. She didn’t even take off her jeans to go to sleep.  Something isn’t right… too much make up, everyone staring, a hands off evening… but her butt was so lady like. Peaches refused to let the rumor be started that he made out publicly with a tranny, so he went back for an investigative round 2. He could have just asked her to go naked hiking, but no! He decided to cut to the chase and ask to hook up. She/he said yes, and it turned out to be a she. Lucky for him, but just for fun, we still say he hooked up with a tranny. Moral of the story, if you’re questioning the sex of your potential P in V prospect, don’t call your friends bragging about it.


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