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Bohemian Beer Garden + Astoria Billiards = P in V

February 16, 2009
Equation by: MJF-Wolf
Post by: Contributor # 1

Happy Post Valentines Day from the good people at = P in V. We hope that all your endeavors this past weekend = some solid P in V.

NYC has been lucky with a few sporadic days of temps above 45 degrees, so we decided to pull out an early spring equation. The next time you can walk outside without a jacket (which should be always because real men don’t get cold) head on over to Astoria for some good ole Eastern European beer garden day drinking at The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden. This is a great place to go with a bunch of friends to get beyond plastered in the weekend, midday, sun. For the after hours (Past 6 PM) party, take the N two stops (directions) to Astoria Bar and Billiards for some sloppy bar game fun. After hours of good Ziggy Socka plus running a few tables, wrap it up with some P in V Via Queens NYC.

Tom Cruise + The Fox = P in V


48 Hours Sans Shower + Conspicuous Condom Buy = P in V

February 12, 2009
Equation by: MJF-Wolf
Post by: Contributor #1

This equation combines artistry, bodegas and balls.  And, yet again, we prove that against all odds, including a lack of personal hygiene and a complete disrespect for discreteness, you can still get some P in V.

For this equation you’ll need some good scent to cover that ‘haven’t showered in 2 days’ smell. Musk up, with Sex Panther